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Research Funding

2022 - £12,000 (PI), The Royal Society, International Exchanges Scheme, IIES\R3\213188.

2022 - £10,000 (PI), Feasibility funding. Northumbria University. 

2022 - 103,000 (PI), LEAP-RE for AU-EU Collaborative Research and Innovation projects on Renewable Energy. Funded by the European Union (EU) under Horizon 2020. Total grant value is 1M.

2021 - £15,000 (PI), UKRI UK-Canada Globalink Doctoral Exchange Scheme.


2021 - £80,000 (PI), Royal Academy of Engineering, "Multifunctional engineered layers based on absorption dynamics of responsive natural hydrogels for capturing greenhouse and toxic pollutants in animal farming and fertilizer industry". 

2020 - £100,000 (PI), EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU), “Microbial fuel development framework using synthetic biology for next generation drop-in renewable fuel production”


2020 - £51,160 (PI), British Council, Researcher Links, "Autonomous and green transport for sustainable living".


2019 - £103,755 (Co-I) European Commission, "Enhancement of engineering skills of students of all levels for application of evidence based sustainable renewable energy solutions in the built environment – SKYBELT".


2019 - £11,920 (PI), The Royal Society, International Exchanges Scheme, IES\R2\192108, "Development of novel biosynthetic fuel molecules from organic municipal solid waste and wastewater using synthetic biology".


2019 - £199,453 (PI), Royal Academy of Engineering, Higher Education Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa, HEPSSA1921\3\89,"Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre for Rural Sustainable Development: Renewable energy, Green materials, Waste-to-energy and Sustainable agriculture".


2019 - £49,120 (PI), Royal Academy of Engineering, “Development of a small-scale combined Waste-to-BioEnergy system with solar ORC for heat and power production in rural areas of Colombia”.


2018 - £51,160 (PI), British Council, Researcher Links, “Scientific and technical grounds of future low-carbon propulsion”.


2018 - £19,960 (PI), British Council, Gulf Science Innovation and Knowledge Economy (GSIKE) programme for the project “Joint academic development centre on new generation biofuels for future clean energy and transport”.


2017 - €1,000,000 (Co-I), European Commission, “Enhancing University Teaching in Thermal Power Systems for Cleaner Environment with Parallel Improvements in PhD Skills Development”.


2016 - £5,000 (PI), Shell, Design and construction of bio-ethanol propelled vehicle.

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